Three Hebrew Songs, for violin and piano (2010)-12′


Three Hebrew Songs was commissioned by violinist Wendy Sharp, and given its premiere at Sprague Hall, Yale University in June 2010, by Wendy Sharp, violin, and Gerald Cohen, piano.

Like the piece Sea of Reeds, these pieces are arrangements of three of my vocal compositions.

The three movements are:
1) Ad Matai (How long?)
2) V’haarev Na (May the words be sweet)
3) Dayeinu (It would been enough for us)

Premiere: June 2010: Wendy Sharp, violin; Gerald Cohen, piano; Yale University, New Haven, CT
July 2010: Wendy Sharp, violin; California Summer Music.  Sonoma State University, CA.

Three Hebrew Songs for Violin and Piano Score sample

To purchase score and parts, contact Gerald Cohen:

PDF version of score and parts: $18
Printed version of score and parts: $32 + postage