Oseh Shalom (You who make peace), for solo voice, SATB chorus, and piano (2016)-4′


Oseh Shalom was commissioned by Temple Sholom, Greenwich, CT for Cantor Asa
Fradkin and Sasson: The Temple Sholom Teen Choir, in celebration of its centennial.  I
had never written a choral setting of this very familiar text, and delighted in having the
opportunity for Cantor Fradkin, this dedicated teen choir, and this occasion. In this
setting, I chose to expand upon the traditional Hebrew text, making it both more
personal and more universal: where the original text asks for peace “for us and for all
Yisrael,” the text here speaks of peace “within myself, for us and for all Yisrael, and all
who dwell on earth, and all of the world/universe.” The simple, but wide-ranging
melody is first heard in Hebrew in the solo voice, then in the full choir, before the choir
begins a contrasting section, with the text in English. Finally, the original melody
returns, bringing us to a peaceful conclusion. The premiere of the piece was at Temple
Sholom in May, 2016.

Oseh shalom bimromav,
Hu yaaseh shalom b’kirbi,
Aleinu v’al kol Yisrael,
V’al kol yoshvei tevel,
V’al kol haolam,
V’imru amen.

O You who makes peace in the heavens,
Make peace within myself,
For us and all Yisrael,
And all who dwell on earth,
And all our precious world,
And all our wondrous world,
And let us say amen.

I have arranged the piece for chorus with string quartet.
To purchase score and parts, contact Gerald Cohen: gerald@nullgeraldcohenmusic.com

Premiere: May 2016:  The Temple Sholom Teen Choir, Cantor Asa Fradkin, solo, Gerald Cohen, conductor; Greenwch, CT
May 2017: Gerald Cohen Vocal Ensemble, Cantor Asa Fradkin, solo; Scarsdale, NY
January 2018: Colorado Hebrew Chorale, Cantor Asa Fradkin, solo, Carol Kozak Ward, conductor; Denver, CO


thumbnail of Oseh Shalom score sample
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To purchase score and parts, contact Gerald Cohen: gerald@nullgeraldcohenmusic.com
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Excerpt of “Oseh Shalom” performed by vocal ensemble conducted by Gerald Cohen.








Oseh Shalom: premiere at Temple Sholom, Greenwich, CT, May 2016
The Temple Sholom Teen Choir, Cantor Asa Fradkin, solo, Gerald Cohen, conductor