Choral Music

Compositions for chorus, with or without instrumental accompaniment.

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Unless otherwise noted, all scores (and parts) are available by contacting me directly

Adon Olam (Eternal Lord), for SATB chorus and organ (2003)-5’

Adonai Ro’i Lo Echsar (Psalm 23) for SATB chorus and piano (1999)-3′

All of God’s creations recite melody, for SATB chorus and organ (2003)-5’

An Undaunted Heart: Songs of Elders, for SATB chorus and piano (2003)-17’

And yet the light returns, for SAATTB solo ensemble or chorus a cappella (2019) – 4.5′

Chanukah Lights, for treble or mixed chorus (2005) – 3.5′

Dayeinu, from V’higad’ta L’vincha (1996) – 3′

Dodi li vaani lo (My beloved is mine, and I am his), for SATB chorus, clarinet and piano (2008)-3’

Evening Meditations, for SATB chorus and piano (2010)-9’

Hinei Ma Tov/Shaalu Sh’lom Y’rushalayim, for solo voice and SATB chorus a cappella (1996)-3’

I felt my legs were praying, for solo voice, SATB chorus, and piano (2019) – 6′

Ki Heim Chayeinu, for cantor, chorus, clarinet and piano (2001)-20’

L’chu N’ran’na (Psalm 95), for SATB chorus and organ (2003)-4’

L’dor Vador (From generation to generation), for SATB chorus and piano (2014)-3’

Lakol z’man #2, for soprano + baritone solo, unison chorus and piano (2007)-5’

Lakol z’man-To everything a season, for SATB chorus and piano (2004)-5’

Libavtini Achoti Chala, for solo voice, SATB chorus and piano (1983)-3’

Lo Lanu (Psalm 115), for SATB chorus and piano (1987)-8’

Lo, body and soul-this land, for SSA chorus and piano (2006)-5’

Meditation and Celebration, (Psalms 33 and 100) for SATB chorus and piano (2005)-6’

Miryam Han’via, for SATB chorus, dumbek, and piano (2019) – 3′

Oseh Shalom (You who make peace), for solo voice, SATB chorus, and piano (2016)-4′

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting, for children’s and SATB chorus, and organ (2002)-5’

Pitchu Li (from Psalm 118), for SATB chorus and piano (2018) – 3.5′

Praise Life! Praise Wonder!, for SATB chorus, clarinet, and piano (2018)-3’

Psalm 130, for SATB chorus a cappella (1979)-3’

Sim Shalom, for SATB Chorus and piano (2001)-5’

Sing Our Song, for SATB chorus and piano (2002)-5’

Uvtuvo m’chadesh (In Your goodness, You renew), for SATB chorus, viola and piano (2013)-7′

V’higad’ta L’vincha (And You Shall Tell Your Child), for treble (SSA) or mixed (SATB) chorus, clarinet, cello and piano (1996)-16′

We are loved by an unending love, for mezzo solo, SATB chorus and piano (2011)-4’ 

Y’varech’cha (Blessing for children), for treble voices (2 part) and piano (1998)

Yedid Nefesh, for SATB chorus and piano (2019) – 6′

Yihyu l’ratson (May the words), for solo voice, SATB chorus, viola and piano (2008)-4’