by Don W. Seven

The clarinet is one of composer Gerald Cohen‘s favorite instruments. In his own words, “I love the clarinet for its wide variety of character and dynamics, and its ability to either blend beautifully with other instruments or to stand out in a crowd.” On Sea of Reeds, Cohen explores his love of the instrument through four lengthy compositions. The album opens with “Variously Blue” which explores the interplay between jazz and concert music. “Sea of Reeds” presents five Jewish vocal works. “Yedid Nefesh” is based on a delicate Sephardic song. The album closes with “Grneta Variations” which showcases the talents of the three musicians in the Grneta Ensemble. This impeccably recorded album features music that is smart, reflective, pensive, and ultimately very melodic. Cohen is obviously a man who loves making music and his passion shines through clearly on each and every track. This one will most certainly stand the test of time.